Career Pathways

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Youth apprenticeships in Early Childhood Education offer a launching pad for excelling youth to learn highly sought after skills, earn industry recognized credentials, earn a post-secondary certification or degree at no tuition costs, and earn progressive wages throughout the journey.

Pre-Apprenticeship (High School)
High School Coursework
  • FE 12 Early Childhood education II OR
  • EDU 119 Intro to Early Childhood Education
  • State Qualifying Letter
  • NC ECE Credential
  • All DCDEE Health & Safety Training
  • ITS-SIDS Certification
On-The-Job Learning
  • WBL experience within your EC education course
High School Graduation
Apprenticeship (College)
Related Instruction
  • Community College Diploma or Associates in Early Childhood Education
Paid On-the-Job Learning
  • Local Community College A.A.S. in ECE
  • On-the-Job Learning with a Progressive Wage Scale
Program Completion
  • Transferable college credit and an industry recognized credential
  • High school diploma
  • Professional network & mentors
  • Paid work experience

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