Career Pathways

Pre-Nursing Careers Vocational Rehabilitation Youth Apprenticeship

Pre-Apprenticeship (High School)
High School Programs
  • Personal Care Assistant Curriculum 
  • Personal Care Assistant Certification
On-The-Job Learning
  • Required local Vocational Rehab activities
  • VR Activity 1- Employment Marketing Skills Workshop
    • How to be prepared for work:
      • Forms of ID
      • Proper attire
    • Networking:
      • How to prepare for informational interviews with employers
      • Opportunities to network
    • Creating and resume and a cover letter
      • Searching and applying for jobs online
      • Mock interviewing-how to answer
      • Employer Follow-up
      • Disclosure and Advocacy for Accommodations
  • VR Activity 2- Mock Interview Participation
  • VR Activity 3- Participate in Job Club
    • Develop soft skills and professional skills
    • Discuss and receive feedback on internship related issues
High School Graduation
Apprenticeship (College)
Paid On-the-Job Learning
  • Students will be paid to work within the scope of credentials that they have earned
Program Completion

Complete one of the following:

  • PCA to CNA: Nurse Assistant Certification
  • CNA to LPN: Nursing Practical Diploma
  • CNA to RN: Associates Degree in Nursing

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Personal Care Assistants

Certified Nursing Assistants

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