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Course Description

The AI Foundations Learning Plan and Badge is great for high school students but is designed for all learners. It provides individuals with an introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the foundational concepts behind this technology. 

To earn the AI Foundations badge, individuals must pass the final assessment with a score of 80% or higher after completing these 5 learning modules:

  • What is AI?
  • AI and You
  • Machine Learning in AI
  • AI Applications
  • Bringing It All Together

If you’d like to learn more about AI ethics before taking the course, watch this video.

Who should complete this credential?

Artificial Intelligence will become increasingly important for all types of jobs. Whether you plan on working directly in a technical support role or envision yourself as part of a cross-functional team, AI will fuel growth throughout organizations of the future.

AI can be used to tackle all kinds of interesting challenges, including:

  • Create AI that can help inform people of their own patterns
  • Create AI-assisted strategies for winning contests
  • Create AI-informed alternative business models
  • Model building for two-state simulation
  • Create a new sound aesthetic in augmented reality
  • Create a smart digital storefront for eco-maker products
  • Collect and analyze wearable data
  • Curate quantitative and qualitative neuro-experiences
  • Use VR to explore the past and build the future
  • Develop blockchain-based citizen services

This digital badge validates your ability to understand the concepts and ethics behind AI, along with the basics of machine learning, the applications for AI, and other tools.

Step-by-Step Guide to Begin Credential

The AI Foundations Badge is offered through IBM SkillsBuild. To enroll in this course, you’ll follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to the IBM SkillsBuild Student Hub
  • Find the AI Foundations Badge and select “Start Learning”
  • Create an account by either linking an existing Google account or by creating a standalone IBM SkillsBuild account
  • You may have the ability to log in with your school; if you see your school district displayed, you can select and login when prompted
  • Once logged in, complete the basic demographic information, and then begin the courses to earn your first badge

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