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IBM SkillsBuild Basic Principles of Design
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Course Description

The Basic Principles of Design course is a collaboration between IBM and Adobe, providing a foundational understanding of design to badge earners.

In this course, you'll gain knowledge of the basic principles of design, learn what good design looks like, and hear from experienced design professionals. You'll also get resources to help you apply design principles to actual projects.

Topics include:

  • Using visual emphasis and contrast
  • Applying color in design
  • Implementing visual balance in design
  • Applying proportion in design
  • Applying the rule of thirds in design
  • Using alignment and proximity in design
  • Creating a sense of cohesion in design through repetition
  • Applying consistency in design

Who should complete this credential?

For anyone interested in user experience (UX), or the intersection of design and tech, this is a great starting point to gain a better understanding of what makes good design.

This entry-level credential is great for aspiring professionals who would like to have a basic understanding of design, regardless of their future career or job title. This credential is also appropriate for existing tech professionals who are interested in UX and/or UI.

Step-by-Step Guide to Begin Credential

The Agile Explorer is offered through IBM SkillsBuild. To enroll in this course, you’ll follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to the IBM SkillsBuild Student Hub
  • Find the Basic Principles of Design course and select “Start Learning”
  • Create an account by either linking an existing Google account or by creating a standalone IBM SkillsBuild account
  • You may have the ability to log in with your school; if you see your school district displayed, you can select and login when prompted
  • Once logged in, complete the basic demographic information, and then begin the courses to earn your first badge


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