Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE (JB184)
Offered by:
Red Hat

Course Description

This course and credential introduces experienced Java Standard Edition (Java SE) developers to the world of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).

Individuals will learn about the various specifications that make up Java EE. Through hands-on labs, you will transform a simple Java SE command line application into a multi-tiered enterprise application using various Java EE specifications, including Enterprise Java Beans, Java Persistence API, Java Messaging Service, JAX-RS for REST services, Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI), and JAAS for securing the application.

Course content summary:

  • Generating multi-tiered Java EE applications
  • Packaging and deploying Java EE applications
  • Creating Enterprise Java Beans, including message-driven beans
  • Managing persistence
  • Creating REST services with JAX-RS
  • Implementing Contexts and Dependency Injection
  • Creating messaging applications with JMS
  • Securing Java EE applications with JAAS

Who should complete this credential?

This course is designed for an advanced application developer who would like to expand their understanding of Java.

The Red Hat Application Development I course, and certification provides you with an advanced understanding of enterprise-level Java coding. This course and certification are most suitable for working professionals, or individuals who have a thorough understanding of the Java coding language and would like to validate their skills in Java at the enterprise level.

Step-by-Step Guide to Begin Credential

  • First, create a Red Hat account to view course offerings
  • Once you receive the activation email, you will have a free 7-day trial period
  • Once registration is complete, navigate directly to the course or browse available coursework
  • Navigate to the Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) course description page
  • This course is offered in a variety of delivery methods; to see if you qualify to get the course + credential for free, ​​contact our NCBCE staff

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