Tech Certifications Frequently Asked Questions

Apprenticeship is a training system that combines classroom learning with structured on-the-job learning. A registered youth apprenticeship is an industry-driven education and career-training program based on recognized industry standards. The term “youth” is used to refer to apprentices who have not turned 18, or who are still high school students. Students in a Registered Apprenticeship earn while they learn. Employers set a progressive wage scale that gives incremental raises to the apprentice as he or she gains more experience and education. 

Tuition waivers are available for high school students who enter a pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship program while they are still in high school. Registered pre-apprentices have 120 days from the day they graduate to transition into an apprenticeship to remain eligible for the waiver. This benefit will continue for the length of the apprenticeship training term after high school, providing a free certification or college degree to those who participate.